SENSE-ible No-Pull Dog Harness – Black Large

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SENSE-ible No-Pull Dog Harness – Black Large Description

The SENSE-ible Harness Gently Stops Dogs From Pulling. The SENSE-ible Harness is a front-leash attachment harness – very different from the ‘sled dog’ style of most harnesses on the market. The leash attaches to a ring on the chest, so you can provide more accurate cues to your dog as to the direction that you want to go. It reduces pulling and often enables a smoother, more enjoyable walk for both dog and human. Quality hardware and construction. Nylon curved side-release buckle and belt loops. Nickel-plated metal slide adjusters and welded o-rings. For best results, please measure your dog to ensure a proper fit. The Softouch Training method applies horse training concepts to teach dogs not to jump, lunge, forge or pull. It also assists with teaching commands such as: sit, down, wait, come, stand and heel. Dogs learn quickly with their SENSE of touch and natural instincts without stress or injuries. Available in black or red. Measure your dog’s girth using a tape measure. Measure around the body (the rib cage) behind the front legs. 17 – 21′ Girth = X-Small (12 – 20 lbs), 21.5 – 24′ Girth = Small (21 – 33 lbs), 24.5 – 28 ‘ Girth = Medium (34 – 60 lbs), 27 – 33′ Girth = Medium/Large in 3/4′ Narrow or 1′ Wide (40 – 75 lbs), 32.5 – 40′ Girth = Large (70 – 130 lbs), – 50’ Girth = X-Large (131 – 200 lbs).

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