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Mozzie Pants Walking Dog Pants Description

Size:Small  |  Color:Blue Product Description Mozzie Pants, Dog Pants, are designed with you and your pet in mind. High quality construction and materials offer long lasting comfortable design for the lifetime of your pet. Flat soft seams ensures pets comfort for daily wear, no skin chaffing or coat damage. LEG LENGTH: Special design allows you to trim the leg length with scissors, without garment fraying or coming apart. We suggest you cut the garment legs a few inches above the paw if needed. If you do not need leg coverage, you can cut the legs to be short sleeves. ORIGINAL PANTS for incontinence: Based on your pups needs, a feminine hygiene pad can be added to the cotton crotch for extra absorption. Original Pants are best for any knee surgery wounds and tummy wounds so your dog can’t access the wounds. Indoor use – Ditch the cone – You can create a custom dog onesie with Mozzie Pants dog pajamas. Original Pants have a tail hole! WALKING PANTS have an open tummy allowing your dog to go to the bathroom with the dog pants on. HOW TO PUT THE PANTS ON: Size tag goes on the back of the dog. Have your dog stand and put one leg on at time. Pull the pants all the way up the body towards front legs. If your pup is really active, has a narrow backend, slick coat or a tail that tends to go between their legs – IF YOUR DOG CAN’T KEEP THEIR PANTS ON MOZZIE PANTS DOG SUSPENDERS WILL KEEP IN PLACE, available on Amazon LINK TO MOZZIE PANTS SUSPENDERS ON AMAZON. Mozzie Pants T-SHIRTS for Dog anxiety relief similar to a calming vest or dog anxiety jacket with breathable fabric (no Velcro). Recommended for thunder, fireworks, separation anxiety and overall comfort for nervous dogs. When you walk your dog the street grime will stay off your dog’s coat allowing your home to stay clean. Cats have also benefited from wearing Mozzie Pants. Machine wash and dryer safe, human quality materials and construction FABRIC – Specially woven fabrics deter most animals from excessive licking. Breathable and light fabric allows for constant air-flow circulation allowing the wound to heal safely. Fabrics are cotton and hypoallergenic to prevent skin irritation. Winner 2017 Seattle The Best of Business, 2nd Place 2017 Best Product: Women’s Entrepreneur Celebrating Dreams Celebrating Success. Feel free to contact Mozzie Pants customer service with any questions. From the Manufacturer Mozzie Pants mission is Home Harmony for humans and dogs! The Original Pant design was developed due to urine leakage with older dogs. Next we needed to potty train a new “marker” rescue in the house. The designs evolved for covering hot spots due to seasonal allergies. Then the discovery that they help keep street grime off the pups after walks, no more toweling off. Last but not least, we learned the T-shirts can help noise-phobic pups. The garments are so successful that we are sharing them with other dog lovers! Enjoy! Jules PRESIDENT Jules leads the team in garment design, sourcing, marketing and website design build. She has her BA in Marketing with a specialty in Apparel and Textiles. Her passion for dogs is the foundation for starting Mozzie Pants LLC. She left the corporate world to work full time on helping dogs and their owners. Her own dogs needs are the foundation for the creation. WOMEN SEAMSTRESSES MASTERS OF PRODUCTION A group of fabulous women hand make each garment with compassion. They take great care and pride in their work. You will be very impressed with the quality they produce. We use the highest quality fabrics and elastic for durability and comfort. MOZZIE AND CODY TOP DOGS Mozzie and Cody are our lead super models and inspiration to make the garments comfortable and functional. They love to wear the garments and continuously bring laughter, joy and love to everyone they meet. FRIENDS AND FAMILY SUPPORT NINJAS Thank you to all the amazing support that we have received from family and friends (furry four legged and humans). It takes a village and we are so grateful to have amazing people supporting our mission. A special thanks goes to her fabulous husband. To view some of our dog friends go to Club Mozzie Pants. Winner 2017 Seattle The Best of Business, 2nd Place 2017 Best Product: Women’s Entrepreneur Celebrating Dreams Celebrating Success.

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