Andis Pet Blade Set

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Andis Pet Blade Set Description

Style:30SE: 1/50′ (0.5 mm) This ShowEdge dog clipper blade is engineered to cut coats faster and leave less lines for a smoother, more professional finish. Made of high carbon steel with a rockwell hardness rating of 62. Chrome plated finish that resists rust. Blades are sharpened to exact quality standards. Blade sets should be oiled once a day minimum. Ideally, it should be done before every grooming. After oiling, be sure to use a soft, dry cloth to wipe any oil off the external surfaces to reduce the possibility of getting it on the animal’s coat. If the clipper blades leave streaks or slow down, it’s a sure sign that the blades need oil. Oiling Blades – Place a few drops of blade oil on the front and side of the cutter blades. Wipe excess oil off blades with a soft, dry cloth. Spray lubricants contain insufficient oil for good lubrication, but are an excellent clipper blade coolant. Cleaning Blades – Immerse blades only while clipper is running in a shallow pan of clipper oil or blade cleaner. After cleaning, turn the clipper off and dry blades with a clean, dry cloth. If blades will still not cut, there may still be some hair trapped between the upper and lower blade. Remove the blade off the clipper and slide the upper blade to one side without loosening the tension spring or moving the upper blade completely out from under the tension spring. Wipe the surfaces of the blades clean with a dry cloth, then place a drop of clipper oil where the upper and lower blades meet and also in the guide slot of the tension spring. Comes in size-30SE and 1/150-inch cut length. Measures 4-1/2-inch length by 3-1/2-inch width by 1-1/3-inch height.

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